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A Picture of Jesus

Meet my Angel

My Darling Wife

My Darling Wife

I am sorry God, but I don't have a picture of you.

So I will use this picture of your son,
who was created in your image.
So his picture will do.

I just wanted to say thank you,
for sending me my wife,
for it was her who saved my life.

You see God, I used to be a sinner,
Booze, Women & Drugs.

They say that you work in mysterious ways.
So when you sent me my wife...
May God be praised...

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You see God, my wife believes
in you so very much,
that through her teachings,
my soul was touched.

You see God, we pray every day
before every meal,
and we know in our hearts,
that you really do heal.

You see God, my wife taught me
what my parent's could not.
She taught me how to feel
and love with my heart..

You see God, when I was growing up,
I felt nothing but pain.
The beating's, the hating
with nothing to gain.

You see God, I joined the service,
to run from my pain.
But what I found,
I could never explain..

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You see God, you knew
what you where doing,
all it took was a little time.

Then you sent me a woman,
who would keep me in line.

You see God, you knew that
the road I was on would
lead me to jail.

Either that or be placed
in a box made of pine.
Closed tightly with
a hammer and nail's...

You see God, I love my wife
dearly with all my heart.
That there is nothing,
in this world that
can tear us apart.

You see God, I know now,
that there are Angels here on earth.

So I want to thank you
for sending me Linda, my wife...

For you knew that this
Angel, would save my life.

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You see God, Linda is not
just my lover nor not just my wife.

She is my friend, my confidant,
she is my whole life..

You see God, if it was not for Linda,
I would not know what to do.

Because it was my wife Linda,
who taught me about you.

Thank you God, for sending me
my Angel, my soul mate..
for without her,
Only you knew my fate..

Thank you God, for sending
me my wife.
For it was her that showed
me your light.

May it burn brightly
right here within my heart,
and I will try to keep it
burning for the rest of my life.

Thank you God, for my Darling Wife..

~ ~ Author ~ ~

~ ~ Daryled L. Robinson ~ ~
~ * Composed, 10-30-2000 * ~

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