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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

A Painting by Thomas Kinkade

Painging By: Thomas Kinkade

It's The Season

I can smell the roasting turkey;
I can smell the mincemeat pie.
I can almost taste the goodies
On the table, me, oh my!

There's a certain something lurking;
There's a din that fills the air
With the glow of happy faces
That are beaming everywhere.

It is much too cold and snowy
On the outside looking in.
And the fireside chair is waiting
For the stories to begin.

We have gathered all the firewood
That will warm us, there's no doubt.
As we make ourselves so cozy
On the inside looking out.

The excitement now is mounting;
No one needs to say a thing,
For the atmosphere has told me
It is now the time to sing.

Yes, we'll sing about the good times,
Even sing about the bad.
We will thank the Lord for all things
That He gave us and be glad.

For it is the gayest season;
The nostalgia's really great;
It makes me insides tingle
Just to know we'll celebrate.

I would like to share my feelings;
Here's my message loud and clear:
May the good Lord bless and keep you:
Hope you have a happy year.

               Author: Dottie Carriedo


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