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For if you confess with your mouth that
Jesus is LORD and believe in your heart
that God raised Him from the dead,
you will be saved. For it is by believing
in your heart that you are made right with
God, and it is by confessing with your
mouth that you are saved.
Romans: 10: 9 - 10

Dove of Peace

Eternal rest head stone

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The Hidden Cry

What means this throbbing in my breast?
This constant search for peace and rest?
This loneliness I feel?
Even when I mingle with the crowd
This aching void is deep and loud;
Its cry is real! So real!

Vain World, can you appease this quest?
Do your vast stores supply this rest?
Then quell this longing cry!
Lo! riches, laughter, pride and fame,
When claimed, are merely but a name!
They fail to satisfy!

Ah,' tis my soul! It is thy cry!
Thou seest eternal death is nigh,
Unless God gives thee rest?
Entombed, thou art a part of Him;
And hence, you seek release from sin,
To dwell with Him at last!

Oh! I am wretched! I'm lost in sin!
Estranged from God is my soul within!
Have mercy, Lord on me!
Hark! Hark! a voice now calls my name;
"Dear Sinner, I have borne your blame;"
I shed my blood for thee!

To those who come, I give sweet rest,
A quietness within the breast;
"Tis found alone in Me,"
I'm coming, Lord, I'm coming now!
Low at Thy cross I gladly bow;
I bring my all to Thee!

Sweet peace is mine at Calvary!
My burden flees, my soul is free!
( Here would I ever stay!)
Yes, Jesus stills that hidden cry;
My soul has now a home on high,
And waits for that great day!


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Our Beloved Grand Dog, Harley Dog.
Our Beloved Grand Dog
Harley Dog
May 13, 2002 to Oct. 7, 2015
He is Deeply Missed.
Our Beloved Grand Dog Sporty (Port Port) Daddy's Baby
Our Beloved Grand Dog
Sporty (Port Port) Daddy's Baby
June 9th, 2007 to Nov. 7th, 2019
He is Deeply Missed.
Davidson Troy Duke - Davey
Our Beloved Grand Dog
Davidson Troy Duke "Davey"
February 20, 2005 - April 5, 2021
He is Deeply Missed.
Shivers McTimbers Chevette Robinson, our family pet.
Our Beloved family pet
Passed: June 28th, 2006.
We WILL all miss her dearly..
Our Beloved Parakeet (Sunny Bird) Loved to sing.
Our Beloved parakeet
Sunny Bird
May 13, 2006 to Aug. 02, 2019
He is Deeply Missed.
Timber - Our team mascot
Our Team Mascot
Feb. 17th 2004 to May 1st. 2018
You could not have asked for a more FAITHFUL companion.
Our Beloved family pet
Pop's Precious Angel
Nov. 28th 2007 to Feb 28th. 2024
You could not have asked for a more FAITHFUL companion.

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Urban and Edith Geunther
Edith C. {Kihnle} Guenther
Born: November 12, 1917
Died: December 06, 1999
Urban H. Guenther
Born: December 14, 1912
Died: April 6, 2005
Linda's Beloved Mother and Father.

William C. Kihnle & Elizabeth Nee {Russ} Kihnle - Linda's Grand Mother & Father
William C. Kihnle
Born: November 15th, 1869
Died: November 14th, 1944
Elizabeth Nee {Russ} Kihnle
Born: January 1st, 1875
Died: November 15, 1964
Linda's Grand Father & Mother

Margaret {Bromm} Webster
Margaret {Bromm} Webster
Born: May 25, 1914
Died: September 27, 1988
Our Children's Grand Mother

Harold Edward Webster
Harold Edward Webster
Born: February 19, 1913
Died: April 08, 1974
Our Children's Grand Father

Harry E. Webster Sr.
Harry E. Webster Sr.
Born: July 9, 1941
Died: July 30, 2012
Linda's Childrens Father
Click image for a Family Tribute.

Marie M. Dietmeier
Marie M. Dietmeier
Born: 1906
Died: January 25, 1990
Our Children's Great Aunt

Harry J. Bromm
Harry J. Bromm
Born: August 15, 1916
Died: February 09, 1975
Our Children's Great Uncle

GrandMa {Lena} Bromm

Lena {Nanny} Bromm
Born: 1891
Died: January 17, 1977
Our Children's Great, Grand Mother
on there Father's side of the Family.

Esther May Jackson, Linda's Aunt

Esther May Jackson
Born: December 15, 1909
Died: December 15, 1998
Linda's Mothers Sister

Linda's Uncle - Esther May Jackson's Husband

Martin L. Jackson
Born: 1912
Died: July 26th, 2008
Linda's Uncle - Esther May Jackson's Husband

Linda's Grand Mother - Wife of man who (Died in the Boating Accident)

Mary Cecila (Schnell) Guenthner
Born: March 19th, 1886
Died: September 11th, 1955
Linda's Grand Mother - Wife of man who (Died in the Boating Accident)

Leopold C. Guenthner
Leopold C. Guenthner {Leo}
Born: January 08, 1909
Died: June 08, 1969
Linda's Uncle

Joseph & Mary Cecilia (Schnell) Guenthner - Linda's Grand Father & Mother
Joseph Guenthner
Born: February 20th, 1885
Died: August 30th, 1930
Died in the Orel County, Kentucky Boating Accident.
Please Read the below linked articles.
Mary Cecilia (Schnell) Guenthner
Born: March 19th, 1886
Died: September 11th, 1955
Linda's Grand Father & Grand Mother

John G. and Lillian F. Guenthner
Lillian F. {Worth} Guenthner
Born: May 27, 1895
Died: February 26, 1980
John J. Guenthner
Born: April 21, 1893
Died: November 05, 1980
Linda's Great Aunt and Uncle

Louis R. and Gladys Guenthner
Gladys {Longenbohn} Guenthner
Born: August 15, 1917
Died: September 14, 1992
Louis R. Guenthner
Born: November 26, 1914
Died: August 27, 1990
Linda's Aunt and Uncle

Cletus Albert Guenthner
Cletus Guenthner
Born: July 09, 1920
Died: January 10, 1982
Linda's Uncle

Picture of Linda's Uncle William (Bill) Guenthner
William S. Guenthner
Born: April 25, 1922
Died: August 28, 1988
Linda's Uncle Bill

Joseph Leopold Guenthner
Joseph L. Guenthner
Born: May 1907
Died: September 19, 1954
Linda's Uncle

August and Beatrice Guenthner
August P. Guenthner
Born: September 01, 1910
Died: November 05, 1969
Rebecca Beatrice {Blewett} Guenthner
Born: March 08, 1909
Died: May 08, 1993
Linda's Aunt and Uncle

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There are 2 Published articles referencing this Tragic Boating Accident.
{The Courier-Journal} Louisville Monday Morning, August 4th, 1930.

{The Courier-Journal} Reprinted from The Record, August 7th, 1930.

The Boat Drowning


Joseph Guenther
Joseph Guenthner age 43
{Linda's Grand Father}
Matilda Guenther
Matilda Guenthner age 12
{his daughter, Linda's Aunt}
Mary Louise Helchelbach
Mary Louise Heichelbach age 10
{Linda's cousin}
William Guenthner Jr.
William Guenthner Jr. age 9
{son of drown man's brother}
{Linda's cousin}
Mildred Guenthner
Mildred Guenthner age 12
{daughter of drown man's brother}
{Linda's cousin}
Mary Lee Guenthner
Mary Lee Guenthner age 10
{daughter of drown man's brother}
{Linda's cousin}


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My Grand Mother

Grandma Grace {Singleton} Lovings
Born: June 06, 1907
Died: April??, 1959
My Grand Mother on my Mothers side of the family

My Father

Harold L. Robinson Sr.
Born: August 29, 1934
Died: April 04, 1997
My Father

My Brother

Harold L. Robinson Jr.
Born: June 28, 1956
Died: September 13, 1991
My Brother

My Brother

Ronald D. Robinson
Born: May 12, 1960
Died: June 08, 1992
My Brother

Grand Father Frank and Grand Mother Bernice
Frank Robinson Sr.
Born: April 27, 1907
Died: September 14, 1950
Verna Bernice {Short} Robinson
Born: April 02, 1910
Died: January 08, 1941
My Grand Father & Grand Mother on my fathers side of the family.

My Uncle Don

Don Robinson
Born: November 28, 1928
Died: April 22, 1982
My Uncle

My Uncle Bob

Robert Robinson
Born: January 08, 1930
Died: August 28, 1979
My Uncle

John Robinson
John Robinson
Born: March 14, 1871
Died: May 15, 1933
My Great Grand Father
(Coal Miner in illinois)

Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson
Born: January ??, 1846
Died: February 04, 1906
Company "H" 31st Illinois Infantry
Date of Muster: Sep 25, 1861
At the age of 15 he went to war as a Union Soldier.
The Regiment took part in the battle of Belmont, Mo. November 7, 1861
My Great, Great Grand Father

William Robinson
William Robinson
Born: 1806
Died: Unknown
My Great, Great, Great Grand Father

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Michael Smith our son in-laws half brother

Michael Frank Smith
Born: May 09, 1980
Died: July 21, 1999
Our Son in-laws half brother.

Shirley Ann (Herron) (Branson) Smith Our Son in-laws Mother.
Shirley Ann (Herron) (Branson) Smith
Born: February 18, 1945
Died: October 03rd, 2018
Our Son in-laws Mother.
In this Picture she was between 27 & 30 years old


Bruce fought the hard fight and lost his fight to Cancer.

Bruce E. LaFreniere, 73,
Born: June 21st. 1950
Died: June 28th, 2023,
Bruce fought the hard fight and lost his fight to Cancer.
A Friend we met through our Daughter Sandy.


God grant me Poem

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